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-Billy Graham Ministry Harassed by IRS

by Dr. D ~ May 15th, 2013

The IRS officials recently admitted that some of their workers had made a practice of harassing conservative groups particularly those applying for non-profit status. Now it comes out that the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association as well as Franklin Graham’s international charity Samaritan’s Purse were both audited for the first time under questionable circumstances by the IRS last year.

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Here’s the story from Todd Starnes of Fox News:

The man known as America’s pastor was among those targeted by the Internal Revenue Service after the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association ran newspaper advertisements promoting traditional marriage and biblical values, according to a letter his son wrote to President Obama.

“I am bringing this to your attention because I believe that someone in the Administration was targeting and attempting to intimidate us,” wrote Franklin Graham in his letter and shared with Fox News. “This is morally wrong and unethical – indeed some would call it ‘un-American.’”

Graham is president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association as well as the international charity Samaritan’s Purse. Both organizations received word of audits on the same day – not long after they ran full –page ads supporting North Carolina’s Marriage amendment.

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Response: This is horrific and a real example of the obvious intimidation of a conservative Christian organization. Both ministries were cleared in the audit but it did end up costing them a great deal of time, effort, and money that could otherwise have been spent on ministry.

I believe that this is just the beginning rather than the end if matters are not taken to control the politicization of this agency. Even more outrageous is the potential law that the liberal state legislature in California is currently working on. It would not allow non-profit status for all organizations that oppose homosexuality and same-sex marriage (except for churches and official worship centers). They plan to target the Boy Scouts and other Christian sponsored youth groups via that method.            *Top

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