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-Are Christians Going into the Closet Over Homosexuality?

by Dr. D ~ May 8th, 2013

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Are Bible believing Christians going into the closet over homosexuality?

Are evangelical pastors backing away from preaching about what the Bible has to say about homosexuality? Are conservative Christians now being labeled as bigots and haters if they continue to follow the Biblical teaching on sexuality? Are young people leaving the church over unpopular ideas about sexuality and marriage?

I believe that the answer is yes to all of the above but in most cases churches and pastors have begun to back away from unpopular Biblical teaching on homosexuality in order to avoid the battle that is raging in America for the hearts and  minds of the nation. Here’s a CNN article that looks at some of these issues:

When Christians become a ‘hated minority’

Note that a variety of differing views is presented in the article but it does sum up some of the discussion going on among Christians right now. The more liberal churches and leaders are saying that Christians need to change just like they have in the past over slavery, divorce, and women in the ministry. Others will just choose to be quiet when it comes to controversial issues like sexuality while Bible teaching and believing churches may find themselves marginalized in the future.            *Top

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