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-What Most Christians Do Not Get About the Recent Attack on St. Mark’s Cathedral in Cairo

by Dr. D ~ April 22nd, 2013


On April 7, Christian mourners at St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Cairo were attacked by a mob of Muslims which resulted in 2 dead and 90 injured Coptic Christians.

Arrests were made at the time but it was Christians who were taken into custody and not Muslims. In fact the police seem to actually participate in the attack upon the Coptic Christian holy site by lobbing 40 or 50 tear gas canisters into the church compound.

What most Christians in the West do not understand or fully appreciate is the importance of St. Mark’s Cathedral to Coptic Orthodox Christians and what the attacks really symbolize.  St. Mark’s is the most holy site of Coptic Christianity and the residence, Apostolic headquarters and Seat of the Coptic Pope.

It was the first attack ever on the cathedral and represented the first time that a Coptic Cathedral in Cairo was not really protected by the police. For the Copts it was tantamount to an attack upon the Vatican for Roman Catholics, upon Canterbury for Anglicans, or an attack upon the Grand Mosque in Mecca for Muslims.

Point is, the symbolism of it all was not lost upon the Coptic Christians in Egypt who consider it an attack upon their faith and Christianity in general. Also as an incident which clearly defines where the new administration of PM Morsi stands when it comes to protecting the Coptic Christians in Egypt from radical Islamists. It is now open season on Coptic Christians in Egypt and they now fear the worse and expect no real help from government authorities from here on out.

Meanwhile, the Western media ignorantly characterizes the event as ‘sectarian violence’ when in reality it was closer to a declaration of war against Christianity in Egypt. For a more complete picture read this article by Raymond Ibrahim of the Middle East Forum:

An Islamic Declaration of War on Christianity”               *Top

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