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-Gender Insanity Ahead for California Schools?

by Dr. D ~ April 18th, 2013


There are several new bills before the California state legislature that would allow students in public school access to bathrooms and even membership in sport teams of the opposite sex. Here’s a prospectus of one of these bills from the Pacific Justice Institute:

AB 1266

On February 22, 2013, Assembly Bill (AB) 1266 was introduced in the California Legislature by Asm. Tom Ammiano (D—San Francisco). This bill seeks to impose radical “gender identity” mandates on K-12 public schools to a degree that most parents would find shocking. AB 1266 requires that elementary, middle and high school students be allowed to fully participate on sports teams of the opposite sex, and access opposite-sex bathrooms, locker rooms, and other “facilities,” based solely on the student’s self-proclaimed “gender identity”—not their biological sex.

Response: So let me get this straight. A student would be able to arbitrary choose for themselves from day to day what gender they want to be? Their parents would not even have to know or sign off on this? Then on that self-proclaimed basis could have access to bathrooms of the opposite sex and even join any sports team regardless of physical gender?

So if a high school boy doesn’t make the boy’s basketball team he could always try out for the girl’s team and have the added possibility of sharing the locker room and showers with his new team mates of the opposite sex? If this bill passes maybe so.

Is the world going insane. They do not call this one-party rule mecca of progressive experiments- LA-LA Land for nothing. But don’t laugh, if it passes here the next stop could be your state. Then they wonder why homeschooling is growing exponentially in the state?

This bill will become law unless Christians and conservative rise up with a concerted and unified effort to defeat it. Go to Pacific Justice Institute website for marching orders.            *Top

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3 Responses to -Gender Insanity Ahead for California Schools?

  1. Brian

    As I read the bill, a student would be able to access gym showers used by the opposite sex.

    The first step is allowing access. However, many parents would object (for obvious reasons). After all, if you had an 8th grade daughter, and you learned that an 8th grade boy with self-proclaimed gender identity issues was going to be in the gym dressing room with her (let alone using the gym shower), your natural reaction would be to demand that the school transfer your daughter to another PE class.

    The second step is requiring compliance. When every parent in the aforesaid PE class asks to have their daughter moved to another class, the rights of this poor gender-challenged 8th grader will be violated, because he/she/it will not be able to change clothes after PE with people of the opposite biological gender. Likewise, the liberal policy goal of showing the world that gender-challenged students can interact without difficult with other students cannot be advanced unless the gender-challenged student is actually able to function in a PE class with the opposite sex. So, districts will be urged and coerced (and eventually forced) to deny transfer requests for students who want to get out of a PE class with an opposite gender student. In this way, the gender challenged student gets what he wants – access to a class of opposite gender students – the rights of anyone who objects are ignored, and the brainwashing that this is ‘the new normal’ can move forward unimpeded.

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