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-The Horrific Case Against Abortionist Gosnell

by Dr. D ~ April 15th, 2013

                   (Dr. Kermit Gosnell: Wikipedia)

This is a case that the NY Times and most of the main stream media in America has refused to cover- The horrific case and trial of abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell.

Here’s a link to a summary of the main allegations against the ‘doctor’ From The Blaze:

The so-called “house of horrors” was discovered following drug-related complaints. It was in 2010 when the FBI first raided the facility after reports that painkillers were being improperly distributed. But rather than mere pill infractions, what authorities found was far more sinister.

When officials went in, the clinic’s conditions were unimaginable, with fetuses and severed feet reportedly stored without reason inside the establishment — and with blood splattered about. Considering these horrific conditions and the litany of additional details that have emerged since the case began, many are wondering why the media have been so silent on reporting what unfolded at Gosnell’s clinic.  …

The article lists ten of the most disturbing allegations against Gosnell. Here are just a couple: 

8) Another former employee, Sherry West, shared yet another horrifying story. She claims that she was once called to the back room at the clinic, where aborted babies’ bodies were apparently kept on a shelf. Once there, West heard a live baby among the bodies cry out. The screaming child “really freaked” her out, she told the court. “I can’t describe it. It sounded like a little alien,” she said, noting that she previously referred to the babies as “specimens,” because it was easier to mentally handle what was going on at the clinic.

9) Then there’s Robyn Reid’s story. She was only an 87-pound teen when she went to the clinic in 1998. Accompanied by her grandmother, she was looking for an abortion. But once she made it to the office, Reid changed her mind. But Salem-News.com writes that the doctor allegedly forced an abortion on her. ”Gosnell ripped off her clothes and restrained the girl. When she regained consciousness 12 hours later at her aunt’s home, she discovered that an abortion had been performed against her will,” the website reports.

<Read the whole shocking article>

Response: It is not hard to figure out why the MSM has tried to ignore this case. Most of the media are secular progressive supporters of abortion rights and this horrific case does not help that cause in any way. I have not written about it since there were already hundreds of sites the Internet following it. Nevertheless, because the MSM has obviously chosen to ignore it, I believe it is even more important now for all pro-life folks to call attention to the shocking facts and not allow it to be sweep under the rug.

In fact the more the public is finding out about Gosnell and his clinic the more there are calls for better and more comprehensive inspections of all abortion clinics. This is not the first abortion clinic and doctor to be in trouble over unsanitary conditions and over the treatment of live babies who survive abortions. It is merely the most recent.  Here’s a couple of posts I have done in the past concerning similar abuses:

-California: Abortionist Gets Prison

-Baby Born and Killed in Abortion Clinic Gets Funeral

Meanwhile California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill in September 2012 that would allow Nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, and Physician Assistants to perform abortions in the state since there is a shortage of medical doctors who want to kill babies. Now we are back to allowing the type of folks who performed ‘back-room’ abortions before it was legalized to supposedly protect the health of woman in the first place. Does any one really believe that this is progress?            *Top

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