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-By The Way, Margaret Thatcher Was a Christian

by Dr. D ~ April 11th, 2013

Margaret Thatcher with Ronald Reagan at Camp David

                              (Margaret Thatcher: Wikipedia)

This is the rest of the story that the secular MSM failed to mention.  Much has been said about Margaret Thatcher’s international leadership and the effects of her policies economically on Great Britain. What has not been mentioned was the fact that she was a genuine lifetime Christian believer.

Here’s an article from Christianity Today that explores the other side of the story- how her faith enriched her life and enabled her politics:

Margaret Thatcher Obits Overlook Her ‘Devout Christian Faith’

The article offers a couple of interesting quotes from the former Prime Minister that demonstrate her abiding faith:

"We must not profess the Christian faith and go to Church simply because we want social reforms and benefits or a better standard of behaviour, but because we accept the sanctity of life, the responsibility that comes with freedom and the supreme sacrifice of Christ."   …

"Methodism is the most marvellous evangelical faith and there is the most marvellous love and feeling for music in the Methodist Church which I think is greater than in the Anglican Church. But you sometimes feel the need for a slightly more formal service and perhaps a little bit more formality in the underlying theology too.

"So throughout my life I have felt the need for both things, to some extent for the informality, for the works you do; but always I found myself groping out for more of the actual teaching of the religious basis. As I say, I went for something a little more formal. I suppose it’s first one’s belief and then one’s background."

Response: The article also mentions that she cited C. S. Lewis as a major influence on her faith.

The non-treatment or mention of Margaret Thatcher’s Christian faith demonstrates the current playbook and policies of the major press to totally ignore religion unless it is obviously part of the story or can be portrayed in a negative light. This even extends to writings and acknowledgements of heroes of our past. Sometimes it is even carried to a ridiculous degree.

Note the recent treatment of Dr. Martin Luther King at his new monument in Washington DC. The fact that he was a pastor and a Christian minister of the gospel who quoted liberally from the Bible in his speeches was entirely ignored. One would think by the sanitized secular treatment of this civil rights hero that his doctorate must have been in political science rather than theology.             *Top

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