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-Egypt: 6 Christians Killed & 90 Injured In Muslim Attacks

by Dr. D ~ April 8th, 2013

The Coptic Cross

(The Coptic Cross: Wikipedia)

Over the weekend radical Muslims attacked Coptic Christians in two related incidents and the tally was 6 dead and over 90 injured in the worst sectarian violence since the election of president Morsi.

In the first incident a Muslim cleric called for attacks upon local Christians on Friday that resulted in 4 deaths.  From an article in the Christian Post:

During afternoon prayers on Friday, an imam in Khosoos called for anyone who had a weapon to, “Kill the Christians” and cleanse the area of “infidels,” Morning Star News reported. A mob formed over a couple of hours, according to numerous residents, and then swept through a Christian part of the neighborhood.

As they screamed “Allahu Akbar [God is greater],” the mob attacked a Baptist church building, and then moved on to a Coptic Orthodox Church. The Baptist church building wasn’t significantly damaged, but a preschool nursery run by the Church of St. George was destroyed. The mob also destroyed several Coptic-owned homes and looted several Coptic-owned businesses.

Then following a funeral at the largest Coptic church in Cairo Christians protested the 4 deaths and Muslims attacked the mourners and killed 2 more and injured over 90 Christians in that second incident. The mourners were protesting the Morsi Muslim Brotherhood administration for not protecting Christians in the country.

According to news reports, the police did very little to stop the attacks on the Christians in the second incident but just stood by and watched. Here’s the full story by the Christian Post.

Response: The Morsi administration continues to demonstrate their incompetence in controlling the radicals in the country. Either that or the Muslim Brotherhood lead administration is allowing the persecution to happen and signalling a new era of second-rate citizenship for Coptic Christians.

In the first incident, a Muslim imam caused the event calling on members of his community to kill Christians. The man should be arrested but the  authorities are largely sympathetic to his outrageous diatribes?

If  Pres. Morsi is really against the violence like he says he could begin by having the imam that started the whole mess arrested and made an example of. However, do not hold your breath because Morsi himself is a Muslim radical and is supportive of the efforts by his party to establish complete Muslim Sharia rule over Egypt. That would mean lessor civil rights for Egyptian Christians in the long run.

So the promising ‘Arab Spring’ that was supposed to bring greater freedom to Egypt is really bringing totalitarian Muslim rule instead with lessor rights for women and non-Muslims.             *Top

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