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-Judge Throws Out Lawsuit Against 9/11 Cross

by Dr. D ~ April 3rd, 2013


                 (Ground Zero Cross: drp)

We haven’t featured a ‘cross’ case for quite awhile but here’s good news for a change. The atheist lawsuit against the 9/11 Ground Zero Cross has been thrown out and now the cross will rightfully be included in the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. Here’s the story from The Blaze:

On Friday, a judge sided with New Yorkers and others around the country who believe that a steel cross that was formed when World Trade Center buildings collapsed on Sept. 11, 20o1 should be included in the 9/11 Memorial and Museum.

American Atheists (AA), a secular group committed to church-state separatism, has long fought the presence of the symbol that is being included in an effort that remembers the lives lost during the nation’s most horrific terror attack.

Just days ago, a New York judge threw out the atheist group’s complaint, which argued that the cross was a violation of their rights and that it should not be present in the museum.

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Response: I have a hard time understanding why the atheists have tried so hard to eliminate the 9/11 Ground Zero Cross from the memorial and museum in the first place. It was an artifact that inspired and gave folks hope at the time and rightly should be included in the memorial. It was not something that someone erected or brought into the scene but just happened to be found in the wreckage of the collapsed buildings and it became a symbol and rallying object for thousands. To deny it a place at the memorial is like denying history and reality itself.

Here’s my original article posted about this case when the lawsuit began in 2011:

-Atheists Sue to Take Down ‘Ground Zero’ Cross               *Top

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