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-Pro-life Student Group Designated and Banned as a “Hate Group”?

by Dr. D ~ April 2nd, 2013


From LifeSiteNews:

A student pro-life group has been silenced on the campus of Johns Hopkins University – one of the nation’s leading medical schools – after being likened to an alleged “hate group.”

The JHU student senate rejected Voice for Life’s application to become an officially recognized student group during meetings on March 12 and March 26.

According to Students for Life, officials with the Student Government Association (SGA) said the group’s history of writing pro-life messages on sidewalks in chalk “clearly violates the JHU Harassment and Code of Conduct policies.”

One student senator stated, “We have the right to protect our students from things that are uncomfortable.”

SGA instead approved the application of Students for Justice in Palestine at the same meeting.

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Response: Almost any cause is tolerated by colleges and universities in America today except those related to pro-life and Christianity. It is now in vogue and part of the environment in American academic circles to consider and designate conservative Christian and pro-life organizations as ‘hate groups’ that need to be restricted and eliminated from campus.

Notice that the Students for Justice in Palestine group who really are a hate group and have been guilty of harassing Jewish students on some campuses get a pass at the same meeting? So obviously some progressive hate and harassment is OK and tolerated?

Meanwhile Christians and pro-life supporters are being silenced and their free speech rights are being denied and designated as ‘hate speech’ and unjustly compared to the KKK of old because their pleas for the protection of the unborn are “uncomfortable.” 

I would think that some Christian financial supporters of JHU might be unhappy and ‘uncomfortable’ with this action. It is time and way over due for Christians to stand up and be heard before free speech for pro-life and conservative Christianity is totally banned and eliminated as so-called ‘hate speech’ from colleges and universities all across America.               *Top

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