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-UPDATE: University Will Not Punish the ‘Stomp on Jesus’ Student After All

by Dr. D ~ March 27th, 2013

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After several missteps and misleading statements, the FAU administrators have finally come to their senses and have done the right thing.

From Todd Starnes of Fox News:

Florida Atlantic University has issued a formal apology to a student that was facing academic charges after he complained about a professor who ordered the class to write the name “Jesus” on pieces of paper and then stomp on the paper.

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However after all of the controversy created by this incident, Florida Governor Rick Scott is now calling for an investigation of the University and the whole affair by the chancellor of the Florida state university system.

Response: Here’s my previous post on this mess: -Student In Trouble with University Because He Refused to Stomp on Jesus?

For those who have not been following this case here’s a synopsis of the incident:

1. First a professor in a class asked students to write the name of ‘JESUS’ on a piece of paper and them stomp on it.

2. One student refused and complained to the school administrators.

3. The story went viral on the Internet and a FAU spokesperson apologized for the incident and claimed that no student was in trouble over it.

4. Then it came out that the apology was misleading since the student in question was in trouble after all with the university and had been ordered not to attend class until charges against him were resolved.

5. Now the FAU administrators have dropped the charges against the student and will allow him to finish the class under another instructor.

6. Florida Gov. Rick Scott has rightly called for an investigation of the whole incident.

All of this happening during the run up to Easter and the university officials seem to be clueless about why the whole thing might be controversial?

It does demonstrate the huge cultural and religious disconnect between secular academics and regular folks. In this case the taxes of the regular folks in Florida are supporting the salaries of the ‘stomp on Jesus’ professor and the rather arrogant and inept university officials.

It leaves one to wonder how many times Christian students and those of other faiths have been put in situations where they were asked to do assignments in class that were potentially offensive to their beliefs? The environment at this university and probably many others across America seems to be stacked against any student who would stand up for their faith and actually challenge the teachers and administrators. Incredibly it was the student that got in trouble over his refusal and was treated with charges.

The initial actions of the university in this case will probably discourage others from making similar complaints in the future. Most students would just like to anonymously survive in their classes and eventually receive a degree. Apologies aside, this student has been made to go a ringer and no doubt will be noted and marked by his professors for the rest of his days at the school.            *Top

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