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-Christian Student Groups Seek Help from Civil Rights Commission

by Dr. D ~ March 21st, 2013


All across America Christian student groups like InterVarsity are getting kicked off campus at both public and private universities and colleges over new so-called ‘non-discrimination’ policies that seem to be sweeping the nation. These new policies actually end up singling out and discriminating against Christian groups who want to have (gasp!) real Christians as leaders. The Christian groups are hoping for some support in their battles to stay on campus.

From WorldMag:

Christian student groups will make their case for religious liberty on college campuses Friday during a hearing before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. Although the commission has no authority to protect students’ right to organize based on their beliefs, its recommendation could persuade Congress to address the issue.

Campus Christian organizations, including InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, have submitted testimony to the commission in hopes it might influence future legislation, or even U.S. Supreme Court rulings.

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Response: It should be obvious to all that in the name of ‘non-discrimination’ these Christian groups are actually being deprived of their religious liberties and rights.

After all the whole emphasis and point of these groups is to represent the Christian world view on campus, reach out to others, and give support to fellow Christian students. If the leadership of these groups is open to ‘all’ including secularists, atheists, and maybe even Muslims then how could these reasons for existence even be maintained or fulfilled in any way?

In final analysis it is a rather clever way for secular educators to rid themselves of any Christian influence on campus. But lets be clear about this- these ‘non-discrimination’ policies are discriminatory themselves and actually end up discouraging free speech and religious liberty on campus. They are also partial in their implementation since Muslim groups seem to be ignored while fraternities and sororities continue to receive a gender exemption from these policies. Logically these Christian groups should also receive an exemption.

Hopefully this hearing before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights will help to bring some political pressure to bare in this situation. Since a ruling by the Supreme Court in 2010 seems to have turned loose this policy from hell, maybe further court action will be necessary to get this issue fully resolved. However that could take years. Fortunately some states are already passing legislation to encourage their colleges and universities to give religious groups an exemption. Any statements coming from the Commission could be very helpful in this process and might lead to federal and Congressional help. Hopefully so.           *Top

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1 Response to -Christian Student Groups Seek Help from Civil Rights Commission

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