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-They Own His name? The Commercial Battle Over ‘Jesus’

by Dr. D ~ March 20th, 2013


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Over the years I have seen a number of really catchy t-shirts with name of Jesus on them. Mostly with scriptural messages and quotes.

Now an Italian clothing company- ‘Jesus Jeans’ claims to own the rights to the name of ‘Jesus’ and all others must cease and desist? Here’s the story from World Mag:

An Italian clothing company has issued a new commandment: Americans shalt not take the name of Jesus Jeans in vain.

In 2007, the Italian apparel line Jesus Jeans persuaded the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to register the word “Jesus” as a trademark, giving it exclusive rights in America to the name. Since then, Jesus Jeans has launched a campaign against at least a dozen U.S. apparel companies—mostly start-up clothing lines—that use the trademark without their blessing. There’s no cracking down on Christ’s image, says the jeans company—but His name is generally off-limits.

“If somebody, small church or even a big church, wants to use ‘Jesus’ for printing a few T-shirts, we don’t care,” Dominic Sindico, general counsel for intellectual property at Jesus Jeans’s parent company, BasicNet, told The Wall Street Journal. But when companies attempt to commercialize their products, “that’s a cause for concern,” he said.

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Response: It is incredible to me that this company was able to get a trademark in the name of Jesus. It should have been left in public domain but apparently it is all legal and they have the rights to the name of the Son of God?

What is particularly bothersome in this case is that the Italian company is not really representing His name in a respectful way but using and abusing it in a typically commercial way. In fact they have actually made fun of Jesus in past advertising though the present owners claim that their future ad campaigns will be far more ‘mellow’ whatever that means.

This should not be allowed to stand but what legal recourse do Christians really have in this case? Any single company or religious organization should never have been allowed to trademark the name of ‘Jesus’ which over 2 Billion Christians recognize as their savior and God. What about churches and organizations with the name of ‘Jesus’ in their titles can they be also sued by this company if it so chooses? What is to stop them? It would be interesting to see this challenged in court.             *Top

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2 Responses to -They Own His name? The Commercial Battle Over ‘Jesus’

  1. Brian

    Would the US have allowed a trademark on the words “Allah” or “Mohammad”?

    Moreover, would the owner of this Italian company been beheaded if he had tried to trademark “Allah” or “Mohammad”?


  2. Dr. D

    Yes, here’s an idea for a new line of clothing for that company- Allah shirts and Mohammad underwear? They would receive all sorts of worldwide publicity over it.

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