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-Poll: Majority View Gay Marriage as a Civil Rights Issue

by Dr. D ~ March 19th, 2013

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It seems like a lifetime ago when we voted for Prop 8 and Traditional Marriage in California but it was (less than 5 years ago) in November 2008. How the world has changed since.

Over the last five years the polls on this issue have been turned up side down and now most Americans view same-sex marriage as a ‘civil rights’ issue.

From The Christian Post: 

A majority of Americans view same-sex marriage as a civil rights issue, according to a new poll by LifeWay Research. Most also believe its legalization in the United States is inevitable.

The findings showed that 58 percent of respondents believe that homosexuality is a civil rights issue like age, race and gender, while 29 percent disagreed with that statement. Sixty-four percent believe same-sex marriage will inevitably become legalized throughout the U.S., while 24 percent disagreed. …

Younger Americans are more likely to view homosexuality as a civil rights issue; 65 percent of those aged 18-29 agreed that homosexuality is such an issue.

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Response: The hearts of Americans have clearly been won by gay activists who with the help of the main stream media have framed same-sex marriage as a civil rights issue. Also looking at the 65% support of younger Americans for gay marriage means that the battle could be substantially over in the future.

Even though most states do not currently allow for same-sex marriages it could all become moot if DOMA is struck down on the federal level by the Supreme Court. Also the California Prop 8 Traditional Marriage law is still up for grabs before SCOTUS. Regardless of the current cultural trends, it still remains to be seen what kind of Constitutional ruling the Supremes will make on this issue.

A major question that really remains in the long run is how this will play out in the churches. Will most American denominations continue to support only traditional biblically supported marriages or will they also go the way of the culture and some of the liberally dominated old so-called main-stream churches like the Episcopal Church and the UCC?

Also, what will happen to the churches and Christians who only want to recognize and participate in traditional marriages? One hopeful statistic coming out of this same research shows that 63 percent of Americans support the religious rights of pastors to decide for themselves whether to officiate gay weddings, regardless of whether it happens to be legal or not. 

Nevertheless, it is my contention that conservative churches may be marginalized and conservative Christians may even face some kinds of persecution in the future over this issue if the trends continue. Particularly if the Supreme Court rules in favor of same–sex marriage.           *Top

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