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-Federal Court Supports the Free Speech Rights of Elementary Students

by Dr. D ~ March 14th, 2013

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                                  (Equal Justice Under Law: Wikipedia)

From CitizenLink:

An appeals court on Tuesday ruled in favor of an elementary school student who was banned from handing out invitations to a Christmas party held at church. The decision affirms a lower court’s order that found two policies at the Pennsylvania school district to be unconstitutional.

In 2010, the student — identified as “K.A.” in court documents — was a fifth-grader at the Barrett Elementary Center of the Pocono Mountain School District. One December morning she attempted to hand out the Christmas party invitations before class started. Her teacher intervened saying she needed the principal’s permission.  …

A.K.’s father emailed the school’s principal, Heidi Donohue, to see if the flier had been approved. She informed him that the superintendent, in charge of making decisions related to non-school related fliers, had not approved the fliers.  …

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Response: The fact is that the invitations were banned by the school administrators because they involved a church and religion. According to reports, students were  routinely allowed to hand out other types of outside organizational invitations like girls scouts and boys clubs and etc. 

Another case where access to religion and religious speech are being restricted for no real discernable reason accept for the possibly biased actions of school authorities. The Christmas party in question was not being held on school grounds and students and parents were free to decide whether to participate or not- it was just an invitation to a party not an establishment of religion.           *Top

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