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-‘Pop Tart Terrorism’ and Other Ridiculous School PC Overreactions

by Dr. D ~ March 12th, 2013

Pop Tart Gun

You really can’t make this stuff up. Last week a 7 year old elementary school student was suspended because he ate his ‘pop tart’ danish into the shape of a gun. Then the school sent out letters to all of the parents instructing them to talk with their potentially upset children about what happened. Not only that but counselors were made available for any student troubled by this horrible ‘terrorist’ event.

From my perspective, the counselors should be provided for the stupid crazy school administrators in this case. Now a state legislator is actually introducing a bill to protect the children from the crazy PC overreaction of educators in his state. That too sounds like a serious overreaction until you consider that this is not the only case of a student getting in trouble or suspended for crazy stupid PC reasons.

The whole thing would be funny except similar cases of PC overreaction by school teachers and administrators are happening all across the country. A few days ago a student got in trouble for bringing cupcakes to school decorated with toy soldiers that were actually holding ‘gasp’ molded plastic weapons. Then there was the 5 year old kindergarten ‘Hello Kitty Terrorist’ in January who was suspended for ‘threatening’ her fellow students with a pink plastic bubble gun.  Add to that a few kids who were actually suspended for age-old natural childish act of pointing their fingers and going “bang-bang.”

Are we really going crazy in this country? Well at least some school administrators are who seem to be over-educated in PC nonsense. The vast majority of normal Americans see this for what it is- ‘kids being kids’ and not as supposed ‘terrorist’ threats.

Meanwhile ‘real’ terrorism is getting a pass due to a PC over concern with spreading so-called ‘Islamophobia.’ The PC answer for the radical Muslim Army Major who killed 13 fellow soldiers and wounded another 30+ at Fort Hood is to label that event as “workplace violence.”  Well I guess we really are going crazy in this country after all–at least our government is?            *Top

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5 Responses to -‘Pop Tart Terrorism’ and Other Ridiculous School PC Overreactions

  1. mark

    What happened to the concept of christian brotherly love. Threatening behavior of any kind, harmless or not, is not in the spirit of how children should act towards each other. Apparently this is lost in your thinking, sad huh.

  2. Dr. D

    Actually the point is that none of these examples could ever be ‘threatening’ to anyone including other children and in reality are only children playing around. The reactions of the school administrators are completely ridiculous on any level.

  3. mark

    That isn’t the point, the point is the underlying attitude that is embellished through “play”. These are formative years, and easy for me, at least, to see the metaphoric significance. Sad that you take the threat assessment so literally and pay no heed to the underlying worldview issue.

  4. Brian

    Maybe, in the current spate of legislative initiatives to restrict firearms, someone should introduce a bill to require a background check before you can buy a pop tart. And, there definitely should be a penalty for possessing an unlicensed pop tart!

    Mark, children’s play is largely based on imagination. Children’s play involves all sorts of scenarios, many involving adventure and many involving violence –but all involving excitement. I submit that imagined excitement provides healthy mental and physical stimulation to a child. Children have been engaging in imagined adventures involving violence since time began and, despite that, they grow up to be normal, responsible adults. I do not know of a single scientific study that says that a child who imagines adventures or excitement (which, by definition, may involve some violence) is going to turn into a serial killer. I think the greater threat is that well intentioned but ill-advised adults could stifle children’s imaginations and fill them with worries and angst by punishment for imaginary play.

  5. mark

    Thanks for the civil and thoughtful reply. The underlying issue, for me anyway, is the way in which people relate to each other, as children and as adults. The current trend revolves around the adversarial model. It is arguable that the horrific events that happen on occasion are a reflection of the way the culture at large encourages aggression. This is about a competitive/cooperative continuum that evolved in the 90s with say, those survivor shows pitting team against team culminating in 2 finalists locked in a survival battle from which one emerges. If you are favorable to one end of the continuum or the other , then you have seeded yourself, in the value sense. I obviously prefer a trend toward the cooperative side of the continuum as does the principal. This is much more than a discussion about poptarts, it’s about a future oriented plan in which the much mocked school policy is really a complex metaphor. The feedback I gather, anecdotally, is that people love violence (violent activity, movies, other forms of entertainment, not necessarily actual violence). Violence and aggression are redundant and palpable in all aspects of the culture. If you want a good example, watch the real housewives of anytown USA to see how people so easily degrade to personal aggression , and, the viewing audience loves it.

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