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-Last Act?: Pope Benedict Canonized 800 Christians Killed by Muslims

by Dr. D ~ March 11th, 2013

Pope Benedictus XVI

        (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In one of his last acts Pope Benedict canonized a whole village of 800 Christians who were killed by Turkish Muslims for refusing to convert to Islam. Here’s the story from Enza Ferreri:

Pope Benedetto XVI announced that he will leave his ministry at 8pm on February 28. He made this announcement during a consistory for the canonization of the martyrs of Otranto beheaded one by one by the Ottoman Turks.

Antonio Primaldo and his companions, 800 Christians, were murdered for hatred of their faith by Muslims during the Turkish siege of the town of Otranto, in South-East Italy, on August 13, 1480.
As the Qu’ran commands, these infidels were offered the choice to convert to Islam or be slayed. When they refused, the martyrs of Otranto were massacred.
The Qu’ran is obeyed and applied in the same way now as it was in 1480.

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Response: One area where the last Pope might be missed is in his understanding of the threat of Islam both in the past and continuing into the present. Christians continue to be martyred for the faith in Muslim dominated countries just like they were in 1480.

While many apologists for Islam continue to dwell upon the excesses perpetrated by the Christian armies on Muslim populations during the Crusades the same will never admit that such treatment was first committed by Muslims on defeated Christian villages and cities who were consistently given the choice to convert or die.

This practice continues today among radical Muslims who still persecute Christians. Just this last week an entire village of 100 homes and businesses in Pakistan was burned out because one member of the Christian community supposedly blasphemed against Islam.            *Top

**Hat tip: Jihad Watch

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