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-Americans Really Do Feel Connected to Their Religious Groups

by Dr. D ~ March 7th, 2013

Main religious groups of African Americans

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A new poll by Rasmussen shows that Americans really do feel connected to their religious groups. More so than any of their other group affiliations. From OneNewsPage:

Results of a new Rasmussen poll find that most Americans feel more connected to a local church or religious group than to any other institution or organization, including a government or political group. According to the survey of 1,000 U.S. adults, 54 percent of respondents feel at least somewhat connected to their local church or religious organization, with 34 percent who say they are very connected. The survey did not ask for religious affiliation.

The poll found that 42 percent of those surveyed are not at all connected to a local political organization, while only 25 percent say they are not at all connected to a local church or religious group.

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Response: The research shows that the majority of Americans are at least somewhat connected to their church or religious organization with 34% very connected.

Meanwhile television programs, the movies,  and the media continue to portray an America where religion is no longer important but something that’s bigoted and gets in the way of progress. Also, nearly every college and university in the country is pushing a secular worldview that largely minimalizes and denigrates the importance of religion.

Nevertheless religion still plays an important role in the lives of the majority of Americans. The numbers look real good for people of faith right now but for how long? Unfortunately the secular attitudes reflected in the media and in academia are making considerable headway among young adults (18-30). A similar poll taken in 20 years or so could show quite different results if the current trends continue.

American Christians really should be seeking and praying for a major revival among young adults. Maybe something similar to the ‘Jesus People’ move of the 70’s. If not than conservative Christians could not only be facing a loss of numbers and cultural influence in the future but also the possible beginning of actual persecution.

The good news is that this poll demonstrates that religion is still far more important in the lives of most Americans than any would expect considering the picture portrayed by the MSM. It shows that there is still hope for America and the future is still open.             *Top

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