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-Why All Christians Should be Praying For the Next Pope

by Dr. D ~ March 6th, 2013

Pope Benedict XVI prays in front of the image ...

(Pope Benedict XVI: Catholic Church)

In the past I hardly paid any attention at all when Catholic Cardinals gathered to choose a new Pope. In fact I usually found all of the sights along with the pomp and traditions to be rather disconcerting if not somewhat amusing.

However this time around I actually find myself praying that the conclave will be inspired to choose right man. Not only that but I believe that all Christians should be praying for the right man to be chosen as the next pope. It is that important and here’s why:

1. Same-Sex Marriage: Pope Benedict was one of the few voices on the international stage supporting traditional marriage. In fact, he warned that same-sex marriage would destroy Western civilization. He was assailed by the international press and the American media on this issue. Nevertheless, the European and American Catholics were forced to follow his lead on this issue.

It is imperative that the new Pope continues to support traditional marriage. As long as the Catholic Church which is the largest Christian denomination continues to take a stand on this issue it continues to gives support and cover for all other Christian churches and denominations who follow suit.

If the new pope comes out in support of same-sex marriage then all bets are off and tremendous pressure will come to play upon all other Christian churches to also support the change. This would leave evangelical and independents who want to continue to follow the Bible as particularly vulnerable to cultural persecution and maybe even legal challenges in spite of current Constitutional rights.

2. Abortion and Sanctity of Life: The Catholic Church continues to be in the forefront of support for pro-life and sanctity of life issues. This needs to continue especially since so many Western countries are seriously considering a ‘right to die’ and kill oneself along with abortion which is already legal nearly everywhere.

The secular MSM is biased on these issues and only a major organization like the Roman Catholic Church has any hope or possibility of calling attention to the inherent moral questions involved. When the Pope speaks the press still feels obligated to report it even if they disagree.  What is needed is a bold Pope that’s not afraid to present a Biblical world view in the face of political correctness and popular culture.

3. Clergy Abuse: In order to maintain the moral high ground it is imperative that the new Pope lead his church past the clergy abuse scandals. Attention must be given to setting new policies which will make sure that the problems of the past will not be revisited and that any abuse in the future will be quickly and openly dealt with.

This was Pope Benedict’s weakest and most vulnerable area since he had been involved in responding to the scandals as a Cardinal at the Vatican. Hopefully the new Pope will not be carrying any baggage from the past and will be able to speak out and act with greater moral clarity.

4. The Threat of Islam: Pope Benedict understood the threat that was posed by the spread of Islam across the European continent. The demographics indicate that if the Muslim community in Europe continues to grow like it presently is then the Vatican itself could become an Island of Christianity surrounded by Islam on all sides in just one generation.

It is important that the new Pope refuse to cede any more ground in Europe and be free to speak the truth when it comes to Islam.

5. Freedom of Religion: One of the major issues ahead both in the West and on the International scene is religious liberty.

Progressive/secular cultures in the Western nations are coming in conflict with a Biblical and traditional Christian world view and standard of morality. Some governments are demanding change in the church and even requiring state churches to perform same-sex marriages whether they want to or not. There is also a concerted effort in some nations to silence Biblical teaching when it comes to homosexuality.

On the International scene, the Muslim nations are trying to get the United Nations to pass a so-called ‘blasphemy law’ in order to protect Islam in particular. Meanwhile Christians are being persecuted, imprisoned and even killed merely for presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ and telling the truth in Muslim dominated countries. The hypocrisy needs to be pointed out.

Historically the Roman Catholic Church was on the wrong side of religious freedom issues many times having participated in Catholic theocracies across Europe and in Central and South America in the past. But in the 21th century the whole zeitgeist has changed. Now traditional Christianity is under assault nearly everywhere. Meanwhile the Gospel must freely be preached in every nation and the new Pope should speak out in support of religious freedom everywhere even in the Middle East and in China but also in secular Europe and in Obama’s America.

Bottom line: We all need to pray for a new Pope that will actually engage in the major moral issues of our time regardless. Once before there was a Pope who hid out in the Vatican during difficult times while millions of Jews and believers were killed on his watch. Never again. May the conclave actually be inspired by the Holy Spirit to choose the right man for this difficult time in history.            *Top

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3 Responses to -Why All Christians Should be Praying For the Next Pope

  1. Who will be the next Pope? A Kind of Sprezzatura

    […] -Why All Christians Should be Praying For the Next Pope (answersforthefaith.com) […]

  2. sam

    This pope like all previous 265 popes is leading millions of so called christians into the lake of fire…they are following the church and not jesus….jesus said ‘worship onlty god with all your might’…didnt say ‘worship me’…circumcised….abstained from pork….prayed by touching his forehead to the ground…today only muslims follow jesus by doing all these things…thanx

  3. Dr. D

    I am sad because of the billion or so Muslims who have and will go to their death never knowing the truth about Jesus in this life and missing their chance for all eternity. I’m further saddened because so many are persuaded by false teachers today to participate in Jihad and kill ‘unbelievers’ in order to be assured of paradise in the life to come.

    On many occasions Jesus received worship from his followers and taught that he was the divine Son of God and creator of the all things, God with us in the flesh.

    Here’s just 3 from the New Testament: John 8:58: “ Before Abraham was “I am”; John 10:30: “I and the Father are One”; Mark 14:61-65: During the Trial of Jesus: “Again the high priest asked him, “Are you the Christ, the Son of the Blessed One?” “I am,” said Jesus. “And you will see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of the Mighty One and coming on the clouds of heaven.”

    When Jesus said “I am” he was using the personal name of God- “Yahweh.” In the final example, the Jewish leaders condemned Him to die for his statement which they considered to be ‘blasphemy.’

    Also sam there is absolutely no evidence that Jesus “prayed by touching his forehead to the ground” like Muslims today. He undoubtedly prayed like all of the Jewish folk in the first century. In addition, Jewish Christians and Jews continue to follow the Mosaic law of being circumcised and abstaining from pork so Muslims are not unique in that regard.

    Unfortunately today Muslims do not follow the true teachings of Jesus if so they would except Him as their savior and God and receive a blessed life in this world and for all eternity. May you find the truth and the abundant life that can only come through faith in the true Jesus Christ who died on the cross for all (including you) was resurrected and is coming back to rule at the end of the age. Blessings.

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