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-Is the Media Distorting Public Support for Abortion?

by Dr. D ~ March 5th, 2013

2009 March For Life in Washington, DC), photo ...

    (March For Life in Washington, by John Stephen: Wikipedia)

Is the media distorting the public support for abortion? 

Yes! I have contended for several years that this is the case. Here’s an article from the Christian Post exploring the issue:

Pro-life supporters argue that the media is exaggerating public support for abortion, asserting that recent polls showing support are isolated surveys and do not reveal the steady trend that shows the public favor more restrictions on abortions.

More often than not, the media fails to explain to viewers that public opinion polls aren’t just inconsistent, they’re misleading, too.

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Response: The American media continues to distort this issue on many different levels. It really becomes obvious when 500,000 or so ‘pro-life’ folks march on Washington DC but it substantially goes unreported except in the local news. The MSM no longer is content to merely report the story in an unbiased way, in this generation they have become part of the story itself.

A recent Pew Research poll on Roe v. Wade showed that while the majority did not wish to change the law (something that was reported by the MSM) a large number (47%) of Americans considered abortion to be morally wrong (something that was not reported).  Scroll down on the research page to the section on “Abortion and Personal Morality”:

47 percent said it is morally wrong to have an abortion, while just 13 percent said that it is morally acceptable; and 27 percent responded that abortion is not a moral issue, and 9 percent said that it depends on the situation.

I bet that you never heard about that research anywhere in the MSM because it doesn’t square with their preformed progressive/secular ideas about what is best for women in America. The battle goes on for the souls and minds of Americans and when it comes to abortion, the American media is squarely on the side of death.             *Top

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