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-Next: Monogamy Is in the Cross Hairs?

by Dr. D ~ March 2nd, 2013

Heart and infinity symbol entwined; symbol of ...

             (Symbol of Polyamory: Wikipedia)

Many Christian leaders were made fun of by the main stream media when they warned that ‘re-defining’ marriage to include same-sex relationships would open the door to the regularization of other types of relationships like polygamy, polyamory, various kinds of ‘group’ marriages and who knows what else.

Now that same-sex marriage seems to be well on its way towards being accepted in America and elsewhere in the West, our greatest fears are beginning to be realized. Now monogamy itself is in the ‘cross hairs’ and the drumbeat has already begun. Already the definition of what constitutes a ‘family’ has been changed to include a number of different possibilities and relationships. What is next?

In final analysis it really is a cultural battle over origins and religion.

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