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-Atheists Petition U.N. to Reject Global Blasphemy Laws

by Dr. D ~ February 27th, 2013

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An international atheist group has petitioned the United Nations to reject the Muslim calls and pressure for some kind of international blasphemy laws. For once we are in total agreement with a group of atheists at least on this issue.

Freedom of religion or freedom to reject all religions should be an international human right along with the freedom to comment and dialogue freely about religions and philosophies without any penalty of law.

From the Blaze:

TheBlaze already told you about the International Humanist and Ethical Union’s (IHEU) recent report, which found widespread global mistreatment of non-theists. Now, the same organization has approached the United Nations during its Spring opening session and is appealing for attention to be drawn to the global assault that it says is underway against atheists, agnostics and humanists.

Additionally, the group is combating attempts by some Muslim nations to seek out a global blasphemy ban. In defending the rights of these minority groups, the organization is also supporting the freedom of any and all theistic beliefs.

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Response: In regard to international ‘blasphemy’ laws, all of us should be diligent and combine together in opposition with diverse groups who we may even oppose on other issues. This one is far too important to ignore. All of us should pressure the Obama administration to oppose these international laws. Unfortunately some in the administration seem to be supporting some kind of international action.

The Muslim nations are extending a great deal of pressure and spending a lot of money to get some kind of international protection against the ‘blasphemy’ of ‘Islam’ in particular. If they eventually get the job done in the U.N. many of us who have ever made any comments against Islam in any way may find it impossible to travel around the world without risking arrest.

Most Christian ministers in particular could find themselves subjected to ‘blasphemy’ against Islam by merely proclaiming that the New Testament as correct in its teaching about Jesus and thereby implying that the Quranic teachings are false. The implications of international ‘blasphemy’ laws are immense and the applications unpredictable.           *Top

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