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-200,000 Rally for Traditional Marriage in Puerto Rico?

by Dr. D ~ February 25th, 2013


Have you heard of this event? From Citizen Link:

Marriage supporters — nearly 200,000 of them — flocked  to Puerto Rico’s Capitol Building in San Juan Monday urging lawmakers to defend marriage as a union of one man and one woman.

The crowd represented a notable percentage of the island’s population of three-and-a-half million. People of diverse backgrounds and denominations including Pentecostal, Baptist, Catholic and Disciples of Christ participated.

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Response: Have you heard of this event? I never saw any coverage of it in the main stream media. If 200 showed up anywhere supporting same-sex marriage it would have been covered.

Over the weekend I read a couple of articles from MSM writers and editors explaining that that would no longer give ‘anti-gay’ folks any coverage at all unless it could be cast in a negative light or a local event that could not be ignored. The new media playbook will portray supporters of traditional marriage as prejudiced ‘bigots’ and far right reactionaries of the same ilk as the KKK and the ignorant folk who fought against black civil rights in the 60’s.

From here on out same-sex marriage will be presented as a ‘civil rights’ issue by the MSM in America. Forget the first amendment and freedom of religion, from their perspective this should trump all ‘ignorant’ religious considerations and this change needs to be forced upon Americans and all organizations and institutions whether they like it or not.            *Top

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