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-The Radicalization of Egypt: Coptic Churches Torched

by Dr. D ~ February 20th, 2013

President Mohamed Morsi

                 (President Mohamed Morsi: EEAS)

The Coptic Christians in Egypt make up roughly 10% of the population. Under the old dictator Mubarak the churches and the people were substantially protected. However no one could ever say that the conditions were equal or ideal for Christians in the country.

Nevertheless, Christians and Muslims have lived in peace side-by-side in the same villages for over 1,000 years. Now all that is changing.

With the new President Morsi, Egypt is now under the control of the radical Muslim Brotherhood and the even more radical Salafist Party. Now Coptic Christians can no longer expect any help from police or authorities when they come under attack from radical Muslims. Literally I could put up one or two stories a week of how Coptic Christians are now being persecuted in that country.

The Arab Spring has resulted in a very tragic winter for Christians. Something the Western media has chosen to substantially ignore.

Here’s the latest story demonstrating this change. A Coptic church is systematically destroyed and the Coptic priests are injured by stoning all while the police chief and his band of merry Muslim police stand by and watch a Salafist led and encouraged mob do their thing.

Here’s the report from Christian Today (UK):   “Churches torched in Egypt


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