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-Egypt: Muslim Leaders Issue Fatwa to Kill Opponents of President Morsi

by Dr. D ~ February 16th, 2013

President Mohamed Morsi

               (President Mohamed Morsi: EEAS)

From the Christian Post:

Islamist sheikhs have continued their calls to kill the opponents of Islamic Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.

Muslim Brotherhood Sheikh Wagdi Ghoneim issued a fatwa Saturday stressing the necessity of killing Morsi’s opponents, following another fatwa issued by Sheikh Mahmoud Shaaban, professor of Quranic rhetoric at Al-Azhar University, to kill opposing members of the National Salvation Front.

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Response: Can you imagine the outrage if Christian leaders called for the death of their political opponents?

What if the Pope called for the death of Muslim leaders in the Middle East or the Communist leaders in China? Maybe the Archbishop of Canterbury could ask for folks to kill all the politicians who oppose his views in the UK? And then offer a dispensation for eternal salvation and 40 virgins to sweeten the pot? Maybe the Catholic Bishops and Southern Baptist leaders could offer a bounty on the heads of all those in the HHS Department who are pressing a contraceptive mandate against Christian institutions in the USA?

Ridiculous of course, contemporary Christian leaders would never call for the killing of opponents. But no one is surprised when Muslim leaders consistently promote a ‘culture of death’? Nevertheless, we are expected to maintain a good and fair view of Islam.            *Top

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