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-Catholic Bishops Reject Latest HHS Mandate Compromise

by Dr. D ~ February 10th, 2013

Timothy Dolan, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Ne...

    (Archbishop Timothy Dolan: Wikipedia)

I had predicted this and now it is official, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops have rejected the latest Obama administration compromise to their HHS contraceptive mandate. Here’s the story from the Christian Post:

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops responded to the proposed accommodations for religious groups in the Affordable Care Act, declaring that it "falls short" of expectations and does not address the bishops’ concerns.

"Throughout the past year, we have been assured by the Administration that we will not have to refer, pay for, or negotiate for the mandated coverage. We remain eager for the Administration to fulfill that pledge and to find acceptable solutions – we will affirm any genuine progress that is made, and we will redouble our efforts to overcome obstacles or setbacks,"

Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York, president of the USCCB, said in a Thursday statement.

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Response: This is not too surprising and like I said I had predicted this action earlier in my article on the so-called latest compromise. The new option is nothing more than smoke and mirrors that in final analysis results in really no change at all. So back to the drawing board and back to the courts.            *Top

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