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-Washington DC: A Record 500,000+ March for Life

by Dr. D ~ January 27th, 2013


Just in case you missed it since it really wasn’t covered by the main stream media, a record 500,000 or so folks joined a March for Life on Friday in Washington DC marking the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade.  Here are two web news accounts of the event:

From LifeSiteNews:

…   This year’s March marked the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, since which an estimated 55 million babies have been killed by abortion in America.

While accurate estimates of the number of attendees at the march are hard to come by, organizers had said in the days leading up to the event that all signs pointed to a record-breaking crowd. Hotels in the D.C area sold out far in advance of when they normally do, and organizers installed two jumbotrons just to ensure that all marchers could get a glimpse of what was happening on the stage.

Last year’s march was estimated at around 400,000 participants, likely putting this year’s at the half million mark, or even beyond. The popularity of the event could be seen on social media, with the March for Life trending on Twitter for a time in the early afternoon, and Facebook exploding with photos and status updates from attendees. …

<Read the whole article>

From the Christian Post:

Participants in this year’s March for Life, marking the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, seemed less bothered by the mainstream media’s lack of coverage of the estimated half-million people descending on Washington, D.C. to demonstrate against abortion on Friday. That’s because they relied heavily on social media to help shine the spotlight on the movement.  …

While TV reports on the march were scarce, a quick Google search Friday evening showed minimal mainstream online media coverage as well. The news of Burt Reynold’s bout with the flu that landed him in the hospital took the top-center slot at CNN.com, while the March for Life story was nowhere to be found on its homepage.

Apparently, even the intense chatter from pro-life supporters on Twitter wasn’t enough to convince most newsrooms of the newsworthiness simply because of the large number of protesters alone.

<Read the whole article>

Response: So there you have it another real demonstration of the biased reporting, or in this case non-reporting, of the MSM. Now if 20 crazy people show up somewhere to protest against guns then that is news but half a million in a march supporting life is not?

Fortunately we now have an alternative media on the internet. Freedom of the press use to result in a fair presentation of all sides of every issue in the USA but that is no longer the case. All of the news covered or uncovered is affected by the reality that most of the media shares a secular world view and the majority involved in the news business are decidedly left of center. What follows is a natural consequence of that fact.            *Top

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