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-Canada: New Christian Law School in Trouble Over Homosexual Ban?

by Dr. D ~ January 23rd, 2013

Trinity Western University

                                       (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A new Christian law school in Canada may not receive accreditation because of their Christian ‘community covenant’ requiring students to refrain from homosexuality among other things. From the Christian Post:

An evangelical Christian University located in Langley, British Columbia is currently embroiled in a debate regarding its "community covenant" as it attempts to establish the first Christian law school in the country.

The Trinity Western University’s Bible-based covenant, or lifestyle code, requires all students and faculty to abstain from practices such as drinking, smoking, lying, gossiping, as well as "from sexual intimacy that violates the sacredness between a man and a woman."

The heads of Canada’s law schools, known as the Council of Canadian Law Deans, have issued a letter which criticizes the Christian university’s requirement, calling it "very troubling."

"This is a matter of great concern for all members. […] Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is unlawful in Canada and fundamentally at odds with the core values of all Canadian law schools," Bill Flanagan, president of the Canadian Council of Law Deans, wrote in a letter issued to the Federation of Canadian Law Societies, which will determine whether the Christian law school receives national accreditation.

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Response: The college administrators reject the idea that they are purposely being “anti-gay” but merely trying to uphold a Christian culture at their university.

The Canadian Supreme Court has already ruled once in their favor over a similar controversy when they started their college of teachers saying that the institution had the right to "freedom of conscience and religion." The administrators do expect to receive accreditation even after all of the controversy.

Christian colleges and institutions have had community standards of behavior forever. Notice that there is no arguments against the campus policies to restrict drinking, smoking, or lying but that this attack revolves only around the issue of homosexuality. 

This is the new progressive issue par excellence that is rising up and demanding that it trump all other rights and issues. In this case, Christian Biblical values verses laws against discrimination based upon ‘sexual orientation.’ From the increasingly intolerant progressive view, homosexual rights should ultimately trump even freedom of religion and conscience. Fortunately the Canadian Supreme Court thought otherwise in 2001. However when it comes to this issue that is almost ancient history.

In the USA the Obama administration is now in the midst of forcing Christian colleges and institutions to violate their religious conscience and provide for contraceptives and abortifacients. This obviously opens the door to other intrusions upon religious liberty. Look for this administration to eventually push for Homosexual and LGBT rights in American religious institutions since this has now become one of their favorite issues.           *Top

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