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-Iran: American Pastor May be Hanged?

by Dr. D ~ January 17th, 2013


(Saeed Abedini / ACLJ.org)

An American citizen who traveled to Iran and was imprisoned for his Christian faith  in September is in now danger of being hanged by the radical Iranian government:

The Jerusalem Post reports:

The U.S. State Department expressed “serious concerns” about Abedini’s situation on Friday.

Jordan Sekulow, the executive director of the Washington-based American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) wrote to the The Jerusalem Post on Friday, “This is an extremely critical time for American Pastor Saeed and his family. We now know with certainty, from his own words, the brutality and life-threatening danger he faces in Iran’s notorious Evin Prison.”

“In a powerful letter from him released to family members in Tehran, Pastor Saeed reveals that he is undergoing beatings and is being told that he ‘will hang’ for his Christian faith. That treatment combined with the recent news that Pastor Saeed’s case has been turned over to one of Iran’s ‘hanging judges’ makes his circumstances more dire than ever,” Sekulow said.

<Read the whole article>

Response: This is a second pastor we know of in danger of capital punishment by the radical Islamist regime in Iran. Please take some time to publicize this story on social networks and remember to pray for Pastor Abedini and his family.

The case of another Iranian Pastor -Youcef Nadarkhani received so much international attention that he was recently released from prison the second time. With proper international outcry this case might also be resolved in a positive manner. May the Lord encourage, protect and sustain pastor Saeed while he is in prison and  may his family be blessed in his absence.              *Top

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2 Responses to -Iran: American Pastor May be Hanged?

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    […] Response:We had been hoping for the best with this case since Pastor Saeed had never really violated Iranian law and was just visiting friends and relatives. Plus the authorities had told his family that he was going to be released over the weekend. Also the US State Department and the White house just last week asked the Iranian authorities to release the pastor who is an American citizen and allow him to leave the country. […]

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    […] is a blessing to see this miscarriage of justice finally resolved. We have been following this story since the beginning. Originally it looked like Pastor Abedini would be hanged for his faith but international attention […]

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