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-The 50 Worst Countries for Christians to Live In

by Dr. D ~ January 10th, 2013


From Open Doors: A list of the 50 worst countries to live in if you’re a Christian. These are the countries where Christians receive the greatest amount of persecution. From the Open Doors website one can click on each country on the list and read about why that country made the list in the first place. Plus the ministry gives you prayer suggestions for the people and ministries that are in each of these nations.

Here are the worst of the worst where Christians were persecuted to the extreme in the last year:

  • North Korea
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Afghanistan
  • Iraq
  • Somalia
  • Maldives
  • Mali
  • Iran
  • Yemen
  • Eritrea
  • Syria

    <Go to the Open Doors site and view the entire list>

    Response: Notice that the vast majority of the countries on the list are Muslim dominated nations. Meanwhile, North Korea- a radical communist/atheist country continues to head up the worst of the worst.

    One of the more disturbing facts is that Afghanistan where we currently have thousands of troops actually continues to be one of the most radical and restrictive Muslim countries in the world. Fact is, there is not even one church or synagogue in the entire country.

    Even more disturbing is presence of Iraq on the list. Before the USA overturned the regime of Saddam Hussein, Iraq had a large thriving Christian community. Over 500,000 Christians left Iraq during the American occupation because the American military didn’t provide any protection for the Christian community from radical Islamic persecution. Something that Saddam actually did right. A real scandal from my perspective and one that very few Americans are even aware of. I wrote a number of articles about this at the time: Here, here, here, and here.

    Notice that Syria has made the list this year. Syria has traditionally been one of the few places in the Middle East where Christians had a modicum of freedom. Thousands of Iraqi Christians even chose to move to Syria when they fled from Islamic persecution in their own country. But now the rebel troops, which are largely made up of radical Islamists, have begun to subject the Syrian Christian communities to severe persecution. Another one of those secrets that the Western press has mostly ignored since it doesn’t support their ‘Arab Spring’ template and story of Syrians seeking freedom and democracy. 

    Egypt is another case where persecution has actually increased following the supposedly democratic 2011 ‘Arab Spring’ revolution –now it is #25. With the Muslim Brotherhood and the even more radical Salafi Muslims now running the show, authorities are no longer protecting the large Coptic Christian community as much as they use to in the past.

    Columbia is another interesting case. Notice that it is the only country shown on the map in the Western Hemisphere. There it is the drug cartels that are persecuting and killing Christian missionaries since converts usually stop participating in the drug business and their paramilitary organizations.

    Notice that China is now much further down the list at #37. They used to be near the top as a major persecutor of Christians. The authorities there vacillate between trying to purge the Christian leadership and just ignoring them. For the Communist government in that country it is an issue of control. The authorities would rather pick the church leaders and Bishops and control the church. But now the ‘house church’ movement has reached the ‘tipping point’ in China and could never be put back into the box.

    With a 150 million or so Christians now in China there is talk about it actually becoming a Christian nation in a generation or so. Right now there are quite a few  major business leaders in China that are Christians and substantially left alone to practice their faith because of their positive contributions to the Chinese economy.

    In fact, if the Chinese government really understood Christianity they would actually sponsor and send missionaries to minister in difficult areas like Tibet and the western Muslim districts. Christians in those areas of the country would actually bring improvements and increase the economic viability of those regions. However that would be expecting too much from Communist rulers who really don’t understand the positive aspects of Christianity.               *Top

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