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-Obama Attacks Religious Liberty for Chaplains?

by Dr. D ~ January 7th, 2013

President Barack Obama signing a bill into law

    (President Barack Obama signing a bill into law: theqspeaks)

From OneNewsNow:

President Barack Obama has signed the $633 billion defense bill into law, but has criticized one of its provisions protecting conscience rights.

The provision exempts chaplains from ceremonies like same-sex weddings that they oppose based on their faith.

It also says the military cannot punish chaplains or other service members for their religious beliefs and must accommodate them unless the individual’s speech or actions threaten good order and discipline.

<Read the whole article>

Here’s a link to Todd Starnes’ take on the same issue.

Response: One of the major reasons that we have military chaplains in the first place is to protect the religious liberty and conscience of those serving in our military. It is ironic that the President would seemingly like to curtail the religious rights of the chaplains themselves?

This demonstrates why I consider President Obama to be to worst ever when it comes to religious liberty and freedom of conscience. If he could, he would over rule religious liberty and the rights of conscience on every occasion that it gets in the way of implementing his progressive agenda. From his perspective religious liberty is a ‘negative right’ that is secondary and by necessity should be trumped by the progressive homosexual agenda for the betterment of society.

Fortunately the President does not have the last word in these issues- the Supreme Court does. Unfortunately he will undoubtedly have the opportunity to choose new justices during his second term that could well reflect his views on limiting religious liberty and other ‘negative rights’ defined in the Bill of Rights of the Constitution.                *Top

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