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-Syria: Who Should We Support? None of the Above!

by Dr. D ~ January 2nd, 2013

Flag-map of Syria

                               (Flag-map of Syria: Wikipedia)

The fighting continues in Syria with the ruthless dictator Bashar al-Assad killing thousands of his own people in recent bombing of rebel villages and towns with many women and children suffering deaths and injuries.

Quite a few in the West and in America are calling for Western nations to get involved in order to stop the massacre. Most believe that the dictator must go and I am certainly sympathetic to that idea. But this calls in to question what group we should actually be supporting?

Bashar al-Assad does need to go but will the current leaders among the rebels be any better? Assad at least has allowed the millions of Christians in Syria to live in peace. Most Syrian Christians fear that a coming rebel dominated government would be more radical Islamist in nature and far more restrictive of Christians if not supportive of outright persecution.

Here’s one recent story that should send chills down ones spine concerning the potential rebel treatment of the Syrian Christian community. A young Christian man was beheaded by the rebels and his body was fed to the dogs. From the Blaze:

A leading nun in Syria is reporting that a young Christian man in Syria was beheaded by jihadi rebels who then fed his mutilated body to dogs.

Speaking to Britain’s Sunday Times, Agnes-Mariam de la Croix – who is mother superior of the Monastery of St James the Mutilated located between Damascus and Homs – said of the incident which occurred in early December: “They beheaded him, cut him into pieces and fed him to the dogs.”

She says 38-year-old Andrei Arbashe was a newlywed whose wife was about to give birth.

Those who killed him apparently acted after Arbashe’s brother was overheard complaining the rebels were “behaving like bandits.”

Add to this another story circulated last week about a Saudi cleric issuing a fatwa condoning convenient raping of Syrian women by the rebel forces who are in need of sexual pleasure. The Wahhabi mullah calls them ‘intercourse marriages’ that are designed to last only a couple of hours so that a number of soldiers might be satisfied by the same women.

Response; The bottom line in all of this is that neither side is really worthy of our support and if it were possible it would probably be best for the people if both sides lost. 

Remember, we supported the rebels in Libya, Tunisia, and Egypt and now far more radical Islamist sharia governments have replaced the bad old dictators. Are these countries really better off now? No, and Christians are suffering from far more persecution than ever before.            *Top

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