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-Saudi Arabia: 41 Christians Arrested For “Plotting to Celebrate Christmas”

by Dr. D ~ December 28th, 2012

Coat of Arms of Saudi Arabia

                  (Coat of Arms of Saudi Arabia: Wikipedia)

This is how the Saudi’s say Merry Christmas? It is still against the law in Saudi Arabia to hold Christian services even in ones own home. Apparently it is also illegal to even have a Christmas party? From al-akhbar:

Saudi religious police stormed a house in the Saudi Arabian province of al-Jouf, detaining more than 41 guests for “plotting to celebrate Christmas,” a statement from the police branch released Wednesday night said.

The raid is the latest in a string of religious crackdowns against residents perceived to threaten the country’s strict religious code.

The host of the alleged Christmas gathering is reported to be an Asian diplomat whose guests included 41 Christians, as well as two Saudi Arabian and Egyptian Muslims. The host and the two Muslims were said to be “severely intoxicated.”

The guests were said to have been referred to the "respective authorities." It is unclear whether or not they have been released since.

The kingdom, which only recognizes Islamic faith and practice, has in the past banned public Christmas celebrations, but is ambiguous about festivities staged in private quarters.

Response: Sounds like these folks were merely having a Christmas party? Even that is not tolerated by the Islamist religious police in that country. Saudi Arabia continues to be one of the most radical and stringent countries in the world when it comes to religious practice and freedom. Islam is the state religion and no other religion of any kind is allowed or tolerated in the country. There are no churches there and it is even illegal to pray in the name of Jesus in ones on private resident or even have family Christian prayers or Bible studies. Actually owning a Bible is a crime that can get you arrested by the religious police.

Western visitors have often been surprised to find that their personal Bibles and religious books are routinely confiscated at the airport upon arrival to a Saudi destination. Yet Saudi government authorities are the first to complain if Muslim rights are perceived to be restricted in any way in America.                 *Top

HT: Jihad Watch

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