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-Do Christian-Mocking Ads Demonstrate a Double Standard?

by Dr. D ~ December 19th, 2012

From Breitbart:

This appeared on the online editorial pages of The New York Times today:

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Christian-mockery aside, this use of the image of Jesus Christ is at best disrespectful.

One wonders if an online advertising firm that sells items mocking Islam with the use of a disrespectful image of Mohammed would be welcome on the pages of  the Times.

Response: Actually I find the ad rather funny myself but I do enjoy humor even and especially when it might be directed at me. Fact is, the Son of God was the creator of all things including the dinosaurs so it may not be quite as disrespectful of Christians views as originally intended.

The point is, there is really a double standard in play in the MSM when it comes to making fun of religion. Does anyone really think that the New York Times or any other mainstream outlet would put up with any ads  mocking any other major world religion except Christianity? Put a representation of Muhammad on the back of the dinosaur and see what happens?              *Top

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1 Response to -Do Christian-Mocking Ads Demonstrate a Double Standard?

  1. Brian

    It should be pointed out, Dr. D, that mocking Christians and Christianity will not get you beheaded.


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