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-The Christmas Story: Why the Genealogies of Are So Important

by Dr. D ~ December 17th, 2012

Birth of Jesus Matthew 2:1

                           (Birth of Jesus Matthew 2:1: Wikipedia)

Every Christmas Eve when we traditionally read the Christmas story in the Bible to our children (and now our grandchildren) the genealogies are usually avoided or quickly glossed over since they seem to get in the way of the ‘real’ story.

However the genealogies in Matthew (1:1-17) and Luke (3:23-38) are far more important than many of us realize. They actually answer the question posed by the traditional Christmas carol- ‘What child is this?’ The genealogies identify who this baby really was and how the child born to Joseph and Mary was not only a descendent of David but the rightful heir of the kingly line and a fulfillment of the prophecies concerning the lineage of the Messiah.

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