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-Christmas and The Constitution

by Dr. D ~ December 5th, 2012

National Christmas Tree in front of White House

   (National Christmas Tree- White House: afagen)

There is all sorts of disinformation out there when it comes to public displays of Christmas. Some atheist activists are exacerbating a ‘War on Christmas’ by contending that it is ‘unconstitutional’ to represent Christmas in any way on public lands.

But what is the truth? Is it really illegal to have nativity scenes, Christmas trees, or even use the word ‘Christmas’ in schools, government offices, and on government and city property?

Here’s an article from the Christian Post that debunks a lot of these false PC views. It was written by the Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys and provides legal guidelines for Christians and particularly churches during the Christmas season:

Churches, the Constitution, and Christmas Celebrations: "Go tell it on the Mountain!"

Here are some major guidelines listed in the article for churches:

  • Churches may erect and maintain Christmas displays on their own private property.
  • Churches can encourage their city or county to display religious symbols of the Christmas season on public property as long as they are displayed amongst other secular symbols of Christmas.
  • Churches may sponsor a private display of religious symbols of Christmas on public property in places where the government allows for displays to be erected by private groups.

For a greater explanation of rights and religious freedom during the Christmas season, go to the ADF Christmas resource.

<Read the whole article>

Response:  One of the greatest problems in the ‘War on Christmas’ is all of the stuff that people think they ‘know’ and respond to when it comes to public representations and mention of Christmas.

Most of the time folks would just like to avoid conflict during this season and the easiest way to do that is cave in to all of the noisy atheist and secular PC rhetoric. Plus the threats of lawsuits cast an ominous perceived inevitability to it all.  Most government and school officials would like to avoid bad publicity and costly legal entanglements.

Nevertheless, it is time for Christians to stand up to the continual erosion of our religious liberties and draw a line in the sand during this Christmas season. The best way to do that is know how we really stand legally. That’s where groups like ADF and Pacific Justice Institute can help. Merry Christmas.            *Top

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