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-Town in Kansas Forced to Remove Cross?

by Dr. D ~ November 28th, 2012


Buhler, Kansas is a small town that was founded by Mennonite immigrants seeking refuge from religious persecution. The cross is naturally part of their heritage and graces their town seal but soon it will have to be removed due to legal threats from an out-of-state atheist group.

Todd Starnes of fox News has the story:

The tiny town of Buhler is being forced to remove a religious cross from its town seal after a group called the Freedom From Religion Foundation complained that the symbol violates the Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution. The group said the cross indicated government endorsement of Christianity.

The group also threatened to sue unless a large billboard featuring the cross was removed from a city park.

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Response: The city council has agreed to remove the offending cross in order to avoid the cost of a lawsuit which the small town could ill afford. According to the mayor, no one in the city is happy with being forced by outsiders to make the changes:

“I believe I can speak for all of the members of the city council in saying that on a personal level we are utterly disappointed and frustrated by this matter. We recognize the significant and important history reflected in the current city seal and certainly want to do nothing to forget this history.  …

“A lot of people feel like the rich history of Buhler is being stomped on. I know it disappoints some people but there are other ways to deal with this.”

So another cross goes down and out due to the legal threats and maneuvers of the Wisconsin based FFRF. It is time for Christian legal groups to offer their help in mediating cases like this.

Two hundred years under the US Constitution and no one thought the existence of a cross on public land or on a city seal was a case of establishing a state religion until the judges and lawyers decided it was so in this generation. The founders who wrote the Constitution in the first place interpreted it vastly different than those today. They were concerned about staying away from having official state supported churches and denominations like the nations they came from in Europe.

What is next if displaying a cross is tantamount to establishing a religion? What about some of the city names that reflect a Christian background. After all, there are literally hundreds of cities in California and in the southwest which are named after Christian saints?  What about Las Cruces, New Mexico if crosses are so offensive or worse yet-  Corpus Christi (Body of Christ), Texas?

The point is there is really no consistency in these atheist attacks on crosses and the supposed establishment of religion in historical displays and artifacts.             *Top

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1 Response to -Town in Kansas Forced to Remove Cross?

  1. Brian

    At some point, the “Freedom from Religion” folks are going to get around to publicly owned cemeteries, and may at that time argue that all religious symbols on tombstones – even centuries old ones, must be removed.

    Then, they will go after place names — Corpus Christi will be one of the first to be attacked,but any city with “saint” or “san” or “santa” in its name will be targeted. You have described this, Dr. D., as an “inconsistency”, but just be patient a while — the atheists will be very consistent.

    Consider the politically correct jihad against high school and college mascots which were deemed offensive by the PC crowd because they had American Indian tribes or other Indian-themed mascots (i.e. “Warriors”). I foresee something similar against cities, towns and other place names with religious meanings. Even the State of Maryland (named by Catholic settlers for the Virgin Mary) may come under attack for having a religious name.


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