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-Obama Now ‘Our Lord and Savior’?

by Dr. D ~ November 27th, 2012


What is next for President Barack Obama after four more years? Some seem to be nominating him for a different role entirely- as Messiah? Not that he himself is applying for the job.

I have always been bothered by all of the supernatural references connected to Barack Obama. Pictures depicting him with auras around his head and who can forget those in 2008 who were hailing him as ‘The One’ who would bring on world peace and save us all from so-called global warming lowering the sea level in the process?

After four years of reality setting in with most of the adoring crowds vastly depleted this time around in 2012, I expected most of that kind of divine hoopla to be over but I was obviously wrong. I guess in this category- the best is yet to come. I know that many are celebrating the re-election of their hero but this takes it to an entirely different level. Even I was shocked by the humor of  Jamie Foxx and his reference to President Obama as “our lord and savior.”

From the Christian Post:

Academy Award winning actor Jamie Foxx has called Barack Obama "our lord and savior" during the 2012 Soul Train Awards in Las Vegas on Sunday, drawing the attention of Catholic League President Bill Donohue.

"It’s like church over here. It’s like church in here. First of all, give an honor to God and our Lord and Savior Barack Obama. Barack Obama," Foxx said to a cheering audience on Sunday night.

<Read the whole article>

Response: As shocking as Jamie Foxx’s attempt at humor, I found the painting -“Truth” shown above by Michael D’Antuono to be even more offensive and hard to take. I found references to both on the Internet this morning and they brought me indigestion for breakfast.

Can you imagine what would happen if it was Allah and Muhammad being mocked here? There would be blood in the streets and calls for the death of Foxx and D’Antuono. Then legislation would be submitted once more by Muslim nations to the UN for the international establishment and enforcement of ‘blasphemy laws’ against Islam.

How do Christians respond to all of this? Maybe they won’t go see any of D’Antuono’s art exhibits and some may even refrain from seeing a Jamie Foxx movie or two. But there will be no calls for harm or censure of any type. Freedom is a two-edged sword that American Christians respect and believe in. 

What can Christians say about cultural contributions of this type? They are merely an affirmation that there is a great divide in America in the 21th century when it comes to religion and particularly Christianity. Nothing like this would have been tolerated or even attempted when I was growing up as a child in the 1950’s. There was a time when America was nearly a ‘Christian nation’ -but no more.

Christians can no longer expect deference and respect in a culture that is increasingly secular and in opposition to their Biblical world views. This is just the beginning unless a new awakening should come to America. The real hope remains in Christ and not our culture. How are Christians to respond? By loving people and bringing them to the real Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.            *Top

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