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-UN: Religious Objections to Abortifacients Violate Human Rights?

by Dr. D ~ November 19th, 2012

United Nations Human Rights Council logo.

           (UN Human Rights Council logo: Wikipedia)

The United nations is counseling their member nations that the use of contraception and abortifacients is a human right that should not be allowed to be restricted by religious objections.

From LifeSite News:

A newly released United Nations Population Fund report calls on governments to counteract “religious” objections to “emergency contraception,” which the report says stand in the way of fundamental human freedoms. …

The UNFPA’s 2012 annual report, which declared birth control a “human right,” was released this week. …

According to the report, “‘duty-bearers’ (governments and others)” have a responsibility to assure that all forms of contraception – including sterilization and abortion-inducing ‘emergency contraception’ – are viewed as acceptable. …

The report makes clear it includes “emergency contraception,” such as Plan B and Ella, as among basic human rights.

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Response: Rulings like this will not affect most Western nations. The real targets of this report are Catholic nations like Mexico and those in Central and South America.  Most protestants do not object to the use of contraception but abortifacients are opposed and a different issue entirely.

The danger here is the arrogant approach of the UN bureaucrats who demand that religious views need to be somehow superseded or restricted by government action. It is an explicit and not too subtle attack on religious liberty. Government leaders could use this as a UN mandated excuse to put down the Christian church and restrict the freedom of religion in their country.

A note to the UN Human Rights Counsel: Religious liberty is also a basic human right that you should be defending at all costs rather than encouraging governments to actually oppose and restrict religious conscience.             *Top

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