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-San Francisco Will Now Pay for Your Transgender Surgeries

by Dr. D ~ November 13th, 2012

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A bridge too far? Most municipalities across the USA are feeling a pinch and having a hard time funding their schools and on-going fire and police services. Meanwhile, in San Francisco, California, the city has taken on an altogether different responsibility. Now taxpayers there are committed to pay for transgender surgeries to help those who are stuck in the ‘wrong’ gender.

From Breitbart:

Taxpayers in San Francisco, California will now pay for “gender-switching,” transgender surgeries to “help ease the mental anguish of people who feel they are trapped in bodies of the wrong gender.” These operations will be covered under San Francisco’s universal health care program for the uninsured.

The San Francisco Health Commission on Tuesday approved of these controversial operations; public health officials in the city and transgender rights advocates discussed how they could get procedures such as mastectomies and genital reconstruction surgery covered under San Francisco’s universal health care system for individuals who consider themselves transgender.

These measures were approved even though San Francisco, under current Mayor Ed Lee, has had to slash local services and increase the local tax burden on residents to cover the city’s record $7 billion budget for the last fiscal year.

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Response: It is all a matter of priorities and San Francisco obviously has different values than the rest of the country. Nothing proves it more than this latest move and I must admit even I am shocked.

One wonders if this is an example of where Obamacare will eventually go. The progressive agenda in Northern California usually ends up encouraging similar legislation and actions elsewhere around the nation. Will ‘Transgender’ issues drive the next big progressive ‘civil rights’ campaign? looks like we are already there at least in Frisco.

What can we say about this from a Christian perspective?  Just another example of the fact that we live in a ‘fallen’ world?             *Top

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