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-Will 2.1 Million Christians Write in ‘Jesus Christ’ for President?

by Dr. D ~ November 6th, 2012

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After a couple of years of campaigning it all comes down to today or hopefully so. I am praying for the good of America that the election is decisive and that it doesn’t come down to which party has the best lawyers.

I saw an article a couple of days ago speculating that Evangelical Christians in Ohio might be the one group that determines who wins in that state and maybe the entire election. We may never really know if that is true or not but it is conceivable.

However, who are evangelicals going to vote for in this election? The President who is a confessing Christian with a secular world view that supports abortion and a HHS mandate that restricts the freedom of religion and conscience or the Mormon businessman/preacher who most of us consider to be a heretic but one who supports all of our Biblical social and family values? I really don’t think it is an obvious slam duck for either candidate though many Christian leaders are telling folks to hold their noses and vote for the Mormon.

Meanwhile, it should be rather easy to track one group of Christians- those who write in Jesus for President. Election after election the Son of God is usually one of the most popular write-in candidates, right up there with Mickey Mouse and ‘None of the Above.’ But this year it could be taken to another level entirely.

Internet evangelist Bill Keller claims to have persuaded at least 2.1 million Christians to write in ‘Jesus Christ’ rather that vote for either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney for President. It will be interesting to see if over 2.1 million Christians actually write in Jesus. If that many really do end up voting for The Son of God then He could end up beating all of the 3rd party candidates and actually come in 3rd in the national popular vote. That would be a major accomplishment and honor considering the millions that small 3rd parties have spent just to get their candidate on the ballots in 50 states.

I cannot argue with that choice but the Kingdom of Jesus is not of this world- not just yet. But I truly do look forward to the day when He does come back and rule.  Meanwhile I will be voting for freedom of religion and freedom of conscience. May God bless all of us today in our decisions and may God bless America once more.            *Top

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