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-Did Dawkins’ Book ‘God Delusion’ Actually Lead Many to God?

by Dr. D ~ November 2nd, 2012

English: Richard Dawkins giving a lecture base...

                                    (Richard Dawkins: Wikipedia)

Did Richard Dawkins’ book- ‘The God Delusion’ actually end up leading many to find God? That‘s what one minister in the UK claims.

From the Christian Post:

"Richard Dawkins has done us a big favor," said the Rev David Robertson, a minister from the Free Church of Scotland, …

"A book about God and the Bible has become a bestseller and as a result has opened up a discussion that many people thought was over."   …

"I actually know of people who have been converted through reading ‘The God Delusion’ and interacting with the discussion. Dawkins has opened the door. We now have to walk through it." 

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