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-Hypocritical Saudi King Demands UN Action Against Blasphemy

by Dr. D ~ October 29th, 2012

King Abdullah ibn Abdul Aziz in 2002

                     (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The demands from Muslim countries for the UN to take action outlawing blasphemy against Islam continues in the aftermath of the Mohammad film/video controversy.

The latest comes from the King of Saudi Arabia- Abdullah bin Abdulaziz even though the hypocritical monarch has taken no action at all to clean up the continuing blasphemies against Judaism and Christianity in official Saudi school textbooks.

From AFP:

Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz on Saturday demanded a UN resolution condemning insults on monotheistic religions after a low-budget film produced in the US sparked deadly protests last month.

"I demand a UN resolution that condemns any country or group that insults religions and prophets," he said during a meeting at his palace with religious figures and heads of hajj delegations in the Mina valley where pilgrims were performing final rituals of hajj.

"It is our duty and that of every Muslim to protect Islam and defend the prophets."

According to the article, Saudi Arabia required Google to block access to the YouTube video footage of the offensive ‘anti-Muhammad‘film and Google did restrict the video in Saudi Arabia.

<Read the whole article>

Response: Muslim countries lead by Saudi Arabia have attempted to get the UN to pass international blasphemy laws protecting Islam for more than 5 years. The offending video has given rise to the latest attempt and is being taken serious this time around. Even the Obama administration seems to be conceding that some kind of action is desirable. This time the Muslim supporters are attempting to include other religions and prophets in  the legislation as a ruse.

The problem for the Western countries and particularly the USA is it would restrict free speech. Supporters of the legislation in Europe are suggesting that it be classified as dangerous ‘hate speech’ that incites violence. The problem is that violence only seems to be a result when Islam is the target of the so-called blasphemy.

Judaism and Christianity are everyday targets of blasphemy even in official School texts in the Middle East.  We recently posted on complaints against the textbooks in Saudi Arabia. It is doubtful that the Saudi King would choose to alter the official school books in his own kingdom in compliance with any UN resolution or law. So why should Western nations feel compelled to restrict our freedoms since the hypocritical Saudi King refuses to take action when it comes to continuing ‘official’ Saudi insults to Judaism and Christianity?            *Top

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