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-Religious Americans More Likely to Vote?

by Dr. D ~ October 22nd, 2012

English: Ballot Box showing preferential voting

                                           (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A new poll shows that religious people in America are more likely to vote in the upcoming election than the nonreligious or unaffiliated ‘nones’.

Here’s the story from the Christian Post:

A new poll released on Monday from Public Religion Research Institute finds that Americans who are unaffiliated in their religious views or who are less religious are less likely to head to the polls this election season. …

Americans who are affiliated to a religious group are much more likely to vote than those unaffiliated to a particular religion by a margin of 73 to 61 percent.

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Response: The article goes on to claim that this could hurt Pres. Obama’s chances for re-election since the ‘nones’ overwhelmingly support the current president.

I found this particularly interesting since I would have guessed the exact opposite. I would have thought that secular Americans would more likely to be politically active and place greater importance on voting than the religious. 

Three weeks ago we posted on a story from Baptist News that 30 million Christians were not even registered to vote which does seem to be a rather large number indeed. Regardless of the polls and studies, I believe when all is said and done that this election will end up having the largest turnout of any major national election in decades. There is far too much at stake to be ignored by anyone- religious or none.               *Top

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