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-Rallies For Religious Freedom in Cities Across America

by Dr. D ~ October 18th, 2012

Opposing Protesters Meet (#4 of 6)

                       (Photo credit: Chicago Man)

From the Christian Post:

Religious institutions concerned about the HHS mandate that forces them to provide insurance that includes coverage for contraceptives to employees are holding a mass rally on Oct. 20 across several U.S. cities to fight for religious freedom.

The "Stand Up for Religious Freedom" rallies will take place in over 140 cities, including Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Detroit, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Miami, Kansas City, and Minneapolis.

The nationwide campaign, sponsored by the Stand Up for Religious Freedom Coalition, announced in a press release this will be the third such national rally this year – the previous ones in March and June reportedly drew over 125,000 participants nationally.

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Response: It is good to see that this issue will get some play in this election. From my perspective, religious freedom is one of the most important issues in the election.The HHS mandate was not addressed all that much from the religious freedom perspective in the debates between Pres. Obama and Gov. Romney. However, VP Joe Biden claimed there was no problem in his debate only to be corrected by the US Catholic Bishops.

Religious freedom is an issue that deserves more attention in this election  considering that the present administration has consistently tried to limit Freedom of religion to mere ‘freedom of worship’ between the 4 walls of an official church or religious center. I really shutter to think of how our religious liberties might be challenged in this country if Pres. Obama gets 4 more years without the pressure of facing another election. The administration in it’s HHS mandate has tried to separate the allied ministries and outreaches from the churches and denominations that sponsor them when it comes to employment and religious rights and conscience.

In one case the Supreme Court voted unanimously against the Obama Justice Department case opposing a denominational school who fired a licensed minister. The justices of the US Supreme Court almost never all agree on a case but this time they ruled with one mind against the over reaching Obama administration.

Also, if Obamacare is implemented, there are real concerns about whether the religious conscience of doctors, nurses, and allied health workers will be protected when it comes to issues and practices like abortion.

Hopefully these rallies will get some play in the main stream media but don’t hold your breath. More than likely only the local press will cover them regardless of the thousands who show up.             *Top

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