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-Muslims Offended by Swiss Air Cross?

by Dr. D ~ October 16th, 2012


The Swiss air carrier did not mean to portray any religious or political message in their latest advertisements but Muslims all around the world are offended and the Internet has gone viral with condemnation for the Swiss company.

What did the airline do? They merely featured their own logo that happens to include the Swiss flag along with the slogan:

Kreuz ist Trumpf” which literally means “The Cross is an Asset.”

No one in America would see this as offensive in any way and wonder why all of the fuss. However apparently for many Muslims it is literally ‘a red flag’ – according to one Turkish journalist,  Muslims see it as a ‘Christian’ slogan that is “a provocation and an attack against Islam.”

I post this story just to illustrate the deep continuing cultural divide between the West and Muslim dominated cultures. No one in Switzerland or in America would consider the Swiss airline a ‘Christian’ company trying to denigrate Islam in any way but to Muslims the cross remains a symbol of confrontation and opposition. They are literally calling for the company to drop the cross from their logo or else.             *Top

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