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-Is Abortion An Issue in 2012?

by Dr. D ~ October 11th, 2012

Is abortion an major issue in the 2012 election cycle? Many would say no but both major political parties did take a stand on the issue- Democrats: Pro-choice and Republicans: Pro-life. Also, it does remain an important issue for most Christians particularly evangelicals who are mostly pro-life.

According to a recent Gallup poll it remains an important issue for a substantial number of all Americans. For 45% of Americans it is a major issue among many others to be considered. But for one in six among (17%) the electorate, it is an major overriding issue:


In addition, the recent Gallup poll shows that registered voters are closely divided over the issue: 48% are pro-choice while 45% are pro-life. However when it comes to the importance of this issue as the major over-riding issue, the pro-life voters beat out the pro-choice supporters with 21 percent of pro-life voters who will only vote for candidates who are also pro-life while only 15 percent of the pro-choice voters demand the same.

Now when it comes to the presidential candidates, President Obama is probably the most radical ‘pro-choice’ supporter to ever hold the highest office in the nation. While Gov. Romney is pro-life and has said that he will appoint judges that respect that view, he was pro-choice at one time and many consider him to be rather squishy on the issue.

Here’s a great article from the Christian Post comparing the two Presidential candidates on this important issue: “Romney vs. Obama: Abortion Views Compared


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