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-Poll: Religious Expressions by Athletes OK With Most Americans

by Dr. D ~ October 5th, 2012

Tim Tebow OPENSports.com

                (Photo credit: OPEN Sports)

Here’s a poll that says most Americans are Ok and comfortable with athletes displaying their religious convictions on the playing field.

From the Christian Post:

Religious expressions have always been a part of professional sports. Some athletes thank God for big wins, or make a sign of the cross after scoring a touchdown or, more recently, take some time for “Tebowing” before a game. But do Americans respond positively or negatively to these expressions of faith?

In spite of some controversy over the role of religion, and God, in professional sports, new research released Wednesday by Grey Matter Research and Consulting shows that most Americans are “comfortable” with demonstrations of faith by professional athletes.

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Response: This is not too surprising. Only 19% polled were actually ‘bothered’ by athletes who thanked God or displayed some sort of religiosity. The secular media is far more concerned about this issue than most Americans. The fact is, America is still a religious nation were the vast majority believe in God.

Also not too surprising, evangelical Christians showed the most positive reaction (87%) to these demonstrations of faith. Interestingly, the reactions to athletes who thanked ‘God’ (52% positive, 20% negative) was nearly the same as to those who specifically named ‘Jesus Christ’ (50%, 21%). One would have expected a greater divide on that one.

Bottom line, athletes are most popular with the fans when they are successful regardless of their religious expressions. However when one combines success with obvious displays of faith it can take an athlete to another level entirely when it comes to fame, notoriety and/or popularity. Tim Tebow is a case in point. His popularity goes beyond football among Christians even though he has not been allowed to do much on the playing field this season in New York.            *Top

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