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-Bangladesh: Muslims Torch Buddhist Temples Over Facebook Picture

by Dr. D ~ October 1st, 2012

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From CNN:

“Crowds of angry Muslims attacked Buddhist shrines and homes, torching some of them Sunday in Bangladesh to protest after a photo of a partially burned Quran was posted on Facebook, police said.

The protesters chanted anti-Buddhist slogans, blaming the burning of the Muslim holy book on a Buddhist boy, district police superintendent Saleem Jahangir said.   …

At least seven temples were burned in Ramu and five others were damaged in other areas, police said. At least 50 houses were damaged or destroyed…”

<Read the whole article>

Response: Muslims all around the world are demanding greater respect for their religion and yet continue to show intolerance for the religion of others. Here is a case where some Muslims in Bangladesh destroy places of worship of another major religion all over a supposed picture on Facebook of uncertain origin that the majority of the protesters only heard about and didn’t actually see for themselves?

They burn 7 Buddhist temples and damage 5 more along with more than 50 Buddhist homes and businesses and we are now supposed to hold them in greater regard and respect? I don’t think so.            *Top

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