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-Now Some Muslims in Kansas City Petition Congress to limit Free Speech

by Dr. D ~ September 28th, 2012

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                  (The Bill of Rights: Wikipedia)

Now some Muslims in Kansas City are petitioning Congress to pass a law against insulting one’s religion using the incitement of violence as an excuse.

From Fox News- Todd Starnes:

The Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City has launched a petition calling on Congress to “establish a law against insulting one’s religion.”

“We understand the First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution is part of the Bill of Rights and, as such, prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, etc., but when the allowance of “free” speech incites violence it should be banned,” read a statement from the Islamic Society.

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In the article, Starnes also Quotes Imam Qatanani of New Jersey which we covered in yesterday’s post.

Response: Like we said yesterday, this issue is not going away any time soon and it has taken on a life of its own internationally with Muslim leaders and speakers before the UN calling for Western freedoms to be challenged and outlawed internationally when it comes to Islam. In fact yesterday, Egyptian President Morsi demanded that Western nations be forced to respect Islam.

Ironically, right across town from the UN building where many of these ‘demands’ are being addressed, a crucifix of Jesus is once more presented as submerged in a vat of urine in a museum. But there are no Christian mobs incited to violence or calls for our freedoms to be suspended in that case. In fact, President Obama who continues to voice his condemnation of the ‘anti-Muslim’ film has refused to even comment at all on that obvious anti-Christian outrage.

Meanwhile, in essence these Kansas City Muslims are asking the Congress to pass a law that ignores the Constitution. Not only that, they are using the very violence they claim to oppose as the over-riding excuse for superseding the Bill of Rights.

It is very doubtful that Congress with its present make-up would take this kind of controversial action. It is also doubtful that the current Supreme Court would support the obvious challenges to our Constitutional rights.

However, if International blasphemy laws are passed in the UN and also supported by European courts then all bets are off. In that case there would be a great deal of pressure to follow suit and several of the current Supreme Court Justices are enamored by International and European law. Worse yet, if President Obama should win a second term, the court will go through some major changes in personnel and a real Constitutional crisis on a number of different fronts could be in our future.            *Top

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