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-U. of Tennessee to Keep Pre-Game Prayers Despite FFRF

by Dr. D ~ September 24th, 2012


From the Christian Post:

The University of Tennessee has decided to continue its tradition of opening home football games and other events with prayer despite complaints from a national atheist group, which claims it violates the separation of church and state.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation had written to UT Chancellor Jimmy Cheek, insisting the offering of prayers violated a 1997 U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals decision – Chaudhuri vs. State of Tennessee – that struck down sectarian prayers at public universities. However, Cheek announced that "the university will continue to allow prayers before university events."

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Response: It is about time for someone  to stand up to this FFRF bunch who continue trying to change America to fit their own image of a secular society which discourages any practice or display of religion in public. Exactly what is their standing in this case anyway since their group is from Wisconsin?

Thanks to UT Chanellor Jimmy Cheek for standing up to these bullies and thanks to the staff of Alliance Defending Freedom for helping the university in this case and showing the way legally to reject the FFRF claim.  ADF’s Travis Barham made several poignant comments that should be remembered:

"Public universities should respect, not squelch, the religious traditions of students. We applaud the University of Tennessee for continuing prayers at events, including football games."

"The chancellor was right to align with the 6th Circuit which recognized that ‘[t]he people of the United States did not adopt the Bill of Rights to strip the public square of every last shred of public piety.’"

"Nothing in the Constitution prohibits these prayers, and a veritable chorus of Supreme Court cases prohibits the University from banning speech simply because some might find it offensive."

Quite right. The original intention of the Founders was to protect religious liberty not to protect us from offense.              *Top

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